Fast Life

I’m cooling my head on the window glass,
searching for the slow motion button
We live faster and faster
Party too hard
We meet our friends and forget the day,
Don’t want no hassles, no pressure
Take a drag, another gulp of Gin Tonic
Looking into this sky: Like from Hollywood!

Young and ignorant
We are standing on top of the roof
We divide the world between us and build a palace, from plans and dreams – new every day!
A little bit of money for problems, we´ll take what we want!
We want to be more, be more than just a moment

We drink a toast to the losers
We’ll party hard.

Can’t you sleep either?
Can’t close your eyes either?
Let’s wait together,
I’m feeling just like you!
We watch the sun rising – yeah, yeah!

Jacket – Maison Scotch
Jeans – Laura Scott
Bracelet – WILDFOX
Cap – Rock Smith

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