Coachella Style; Festival Fashion

I couldn´t say no as SheIn asked me if I wanted to try out some festival fashion. Festival season is just around the corner. Soon we will be dancing, laughing and celebrating in the bright sunshine under the open sky again.

I chose a high waist leggings which is basically the best one I´ve ever owned. It makes the body look so amazing. I always used to wear something long over a leggings, but with this one, you can even wear a short bomber jacket (ASOS Star Bomber) without looking trashy.

In outfit number two I simply wear a super soft and cozy sweater dress over the leggings.

See ya at Coachella…


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  1. Anna
    | Antworten

    Wow! I am totally in love with this look! This is perfect! Wish to see this outfit in Vogue 🙂

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