Pure ADIDAS Love

As most of you know, adidas is one of my all time favorite brands. It´s been a while now since I bought me adidas stuff. This changed at my Dubai trip last week, where I fell in love again with this amazing label. On vacation I bought some new adidas clothing and realized immediately that the adidas addiction has come over me again. After landing in Germany waiting for our bus to take us home, I visited the new adidas neo store of our local mall. Fell in love with almost every piece they sell there. Amazing streetwear collections and so cheap! It costs way less than adidas original, but some pieces look twice as good. I got home with this jumpsuit. Wore it at a festival yesterday. It is so cozy and a real eyecatcher.

Got the shoes at Topshop in Dubai. Luckily, they are genuine leather. The backpack is from L.Credi Italy.


IMG_9911 IMG_9939 IMG_9951 IMG_9924 IMG_9926

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