Two Outfits for Dubai City Nights

For evenings in Dubai you should choose something chic and classy and most importantly, something that covers shoulders, back and cleavage. I usually wore long pants and even long tops. It surely was hot wearing long stuff at 45 degrees, but you wouldn´t sweat less with shorts and t-shirt – quite the opposite!

Dresses are also often seen in Dubai, but they shouldn´t show too much skin. When I showed legs, I always wore a kimono or a blouse over my dresses to cover the rest. Yes, you actually see tourists walking around in mini shorts or skirts and neckholder tops, but I think when you visit a foreign country you should adjust yourself and respect the traditions of the people living there.

When it comes to shoes I soon realized, that wearing comfortable leather sandals is the real deal when walking around the whole day and evening.


dubai dubai1fb



dubai2 dubai2fb dubai3fb

  1. Nancy
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    Great post! I also just posted about Dubai, check it out if you like! xx

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